13. 01. 2015
First Service- Tech w Stage

Jesus Is On The Move

My heart was about to burst out of my chest with excitement. People were streaming into the first service in our new building. The seats were filling up. And for the first time...

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08. 01. 2015
laborers on labor day

Can You See What Jesus Saw?

Jesus saw people as souls. That’s what Matthew 9 tells us: 36 When he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpess, like sheep without a shepherd....

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09. 12. 2014
Compass HB Building

The Church Jesus Is Building

On Sunday we made an exciting announcement at Compass HB: God has given us a building. Starting in the new year, we will be leasing a 24/7 facility. Lord willing, our first service...

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06. 11. 2014

Hey Mormons! Joseph Smith was a polygamist?!

Recently I read an article that ran in the Orange County Register saying Joseph Smith was a polygamist. This news article was actually a summary of an article The Church of Jesus Christ...

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21. 10. 2014
O For The Robe Of Whiteness

O For The Robe Of Whiteness

You could be in heaven by the end of the day. The Bible says there are two ways this could happen to you as a Christian: #1. You could die! Although Christians are promised...

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17. 09. 2014

Hey Jehovah’s Witnesses! Thank you for coming to my door!

You will not believe what just happened to me! I was praying when I was interrupted by a knock on the door. My last request was maybe God would be so good to open...

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12. 09. 2014
telephone game

The Telephone Game

Telephone is a fun game to play with kids. You whisper a message into one child’s ear. Something like, “Let’s give Emma some tickles.” The message then gets whispered from ear to ear...

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21. 08. 2014
ice cream truck

Ice Cream Evangelism

Evangelism has a bad reputation. This is sad because the word evangelism comes from the Greek, “εὐαγγελίζω” which means “to bring the good news.” In the noun form it is “εὐαγγέλιον” which is...

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06. 08. 2014
commission wide

Send Out Your Light

Wow! What an awesome weekend being commissioned at Compass Bible Church! Here are just a few of the reasons I came away so encouraged in my heart about our new church here in...

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24. 07. 2014
HB flags

Carry His Name

Are you a missionary for Jesus? On June 1st, 2014 my family and I moved to Huntington Beach for the sole purpose of telling people the gospel: Jesus is the Christ who died...

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